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(Pictured above: PNC Paddlers- Mitchell's Place Dragon Boat & Festival 2019)

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Some fun terms to know about Dragon Boat Racing:

  • Paddles Up: Be ready to paddle. 
    All paddlers with paddles above the water (3-6 inches from the surface) ready to enter the water.
  • Take it Away: Begin paddling.
  • Let it Run: Stop paddling and let the boat glide.
  • Hold the Boat or Stop the Boat: Place paddles in the water, with paddle pointed straight down,   
    blade submerged. It will bring the boat to a stop.
    If you hear the command, “Hold hard,” quickly put your paddle straight down and then back it up one stroke.
  • Back it Down: Paddle backwards.
  • Draw (left or right side): Initiates a turn using draw strokes by the designated paddlers. 
    Can also be used to get the boat closer to something, a dock, for example.
  • Stabilize the boat: Place your paddle blade on top of the water and hold it there. 
    This stabilizes the boat.
    It is needed when anyone stands up in the boat to change position, etc.


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